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Tamil Matrimonial Info offers you safe and secure match making service since, your profile will not be shared with anyone without your knowledge.
Exclusive for Tamil Community
Our main motto is to serve the people of Tamil origin. Hence we designed this site which is exclusive for Tamil people to satisfy their matrimonial needs.
Frequently Updated Profiles
We always do keep touch with our customers through regular SMS and Email alerts. We delete the engaged and married profiles on the spot.
Tamil Matrimonial Site - TamilMatrimonialInfo.com
  • Since our Tamil Marriage bureau is a trusted organization, you need not to worry about misuse of your personal information’s.
  • In our Tamil Matrimonial information service, you can view the profiles with basic details of customers without any prepayment and even pre-registration to our site.
  • Our Tamil Matrimonial site is designed in the manner that a customer with basic computer and English knowledge can access our site.
  • The Horoscope information’s and the Horoscopes which are displayed in the matching results are the scanned copy of the originals provided by our customers while registration.
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So, Register with us free and avail the Safe, Secure and Satisfying matchmaking experience.